Stan “The Man” Musial Tribute

Stanley Frank “The Man” Musial spent more than two decades in St. Louis, Missouri, having won 1,815 hits and 50-+ strike-outs with the St. Louis Cardinals. Musial held 1,815 on the road with the

Cardinals professional baseball club and led the team in more than 135 home runs and 230 hits, and battered .376, which was best in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Stan “The Man” Musial was the only prolific professional baseball batter to win .300, the highest batting average in St. Louis Cardinals history. He retired from baseball over half a century ago and was the most valuable player (M.V.P.) to date – and surprisingly made the All-Star Team 24 times.

Stan “The Man” Musial’s contribution to pro baseball will never be forgotten and his legacy will live on in St. Louis, Missouri and in Major League Baseball. Musial’s final game with the Cardinals recorded two more hits against the Cincinnati Reds in the pre-Pete Rose era, and, at

the end of the game, the team retired Musial’s jersey, which was the first baseball jersey to ever be retired by the St. Louis Cardinals. R.I.P., Stan “The Man” Musial! You will be missed!


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